Isle of Hikra' Vahnt

Isaac's Journal

FINALLY this stupid island gets some interesting people! I don’t know how many times I have scried new ships coming to see who would arrive and have them be a boring merchant here to sell halberds or a fugitive looking for a place to hide because he murdered someone. Not this time, no no no!

True, it helped that one of those under-urchins tried to rob the blacksmith. Tee hee hee, the look on that little gnomes face! I especially loved the part when that scaly one got stabbed. (Note to self: get sample of blood for analysis.) I was disappointed that the large orc didn’t kill anyone. He looked like he wanted to so badly. At least the tall one with the shiny hair got a good swing. I thought that thief was going to splatter the wall! Pity. That half elf is a good swimmer. I wonder why he seems to like the barbarian…

It’s a shame that they didn’t catch that lunatic girl. Though I suppose she has had a rough time of things. Still, rather stupid getting mixed up with those vagabonds. It’s times like this that I almost think that I should leave my hovering home and get involved, but… no. Perhaps I will invite them all to tea! Yes! That is, if they don’t get killed.


Silentvalor Silentvalor

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